Event Medical Services that not only just deliver, but become a part of your business and your event. From tailor-made Event Medical Standby’s too simple medical services at a corporate fun day we have your market needs covered.


Offering many years’ experience in the industry, Destination Medicine strives to deliver the difficult immediately, although the impossible takes a bit longer.


Simply put, we are not merely an events medical company but a risk mitigation and holistic approach events medical service that provides industry-leading medical & emergency medical services to our clients. Destination Medicine offers you an edge that is both legally required and professionally given. We offer over forty years of combined experience in the emergency services and medical events market to ensure your event meets both the legal requirements of the sports and recreation bill and mitigate your risk by ensuring superior medical services on-site for your event.


We offer event medical support for:


  • 4x4 Events

  • Mountain Bike Events

  • Water-based events

  • School-based events (Rugby, Athletics, etc)

  • Corporate events

  • MSA Sanctioned motor racing

  • Road races etc


Resources offered:


  • Rescue Trailer (LMVR/Aquatic rescue/Rope Rescue)

  • Aquatic rescue & medical support units

  • ATV's & Quads

  • Registered ambulance units (road operations)

  • Rapid intervention all-terrain vehicles

  • 4x4 All-terrain Ambulances

  • Mobile Medical Centers & Triage Tents with onsite power & water facilities

  • Medical practitioners and Registered Nursing practitioners

  • A full spectrum of paramedical qualifications from basic to advanced