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Destination Medicine EMS Air ambulance services offer a range of services from emergency critical care transport, neonatal incubator transfers, commercial international airline stretcher service, and medical escorts for flights on private aircraft and commercial flights.

Destination Medicine provides 24-hour aeromedical services with fully coordinated bedside-to-bedside transport. Medical staff members consult with the patient's Doctor and assemble the appropriate medical team and equipment.


All flights may carry some or all the state of the art equipment including oxygen, suction, infusion pumps, respiratory, and intubation equipment, volume ventilator, pulse oximeter, cardiac monitor and defibrillator, and cardiac drugs. We coordinate every aspect of transport, including ground transportation and the provision of records to the receiving health care facility. A truly flying ICU.

24HR Air Ambulance Response 

We are hangered at Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. As such we have the capability to launch our aircraft 24 hours a day, locally and internationally, with a full operations center offering everything from flight tracking to hospital updates and medical case management.

Our dedicated aero medically equipped aircraft are configured with one patient capability, five seats, and three medical crew with the ability to carry one family member to accompany the patient.

As we are contracted to most local and international medical aid schemes, travel insurance, and medical insurances we are able to assist you every step of the way. Help really is just a phone call away.

It is a paradigm shift, an Emergency Response Unit that can land on grass, gravel, compacted earth or tar, just about any runway in Africa that is over a kilometer in length and we have the ability to bring a Turbo Prop powered flying ICU that has endurance of up to 2000km with reserve and a top speed of 500km an hour. 


Based on the sheer Geographical enormity of Africa and Southern Africa in specific we felt there was a dynamic need for our aircraft to act as a primary response unit, scramble times accelerated for the primary response can have a full ICU Team at your location with significantly shorter times than most traditional helicopter services or ground ambulance transfers. 

ICU & NICU Services 

Destination Medicine and our AOC's fleet of fixed-wing aircraft play a vital role in our long-distance emergency and rescue work. Staffed by highly experienced aeromedical teams, our ‘flying hospitals’ are equipped to carry the most critical patients.


We operate B200 King Air turbo-prop airplanes out of  Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa, operating from 24 hour international and national airports allows us quicker scramble times and airborne responses.


With purpose-designed communication and navigation systems, these planes are ideally suited for Destination Medicine's Aeromedical division long-range flights across remote areas. They are fitted with wide loading systems, stretcher bases, oxygen, and specialized medical equipment.


The aircraft can carry one adult stretcher patients and two sitting patients, as well as the aeromedical crew.


Our plane in the sky is a welcome sight to people suffering from life-threatening injuries or illnesses in isolated regions of Southern Africa. It signals the arrival of life-saving help and the fastest possible means of getting safely to a Trauma facility.


By owning and managing our own assets Destination Medicine ensure quality and control of your emergency when you need it the most. #therewhereeveryouneedus

International Commercial Stretcher Repatriations 


Commercial stretcher service may offer a cost-effective solution to international private aircraft transfers. The patient's eligibility will be determined by the Airlines' Medical Director and their own treating Doctor. Patients are accompanied by ICU/CCU aero-medically trained personnel specializing in critical care transport as well as all necessary emergency medical equipment determined by medical personnel which may include: defibrillators, oxygen, and saturation monitors, cardiac monitors, and emergency medication.


Services include:

  • Medical consultation

  • Obtaining medical clearance and approval from the airline.

  • All ticketing for the patient and medical staff. Destination Medicine will assist in obtaining tickets and travel documentation for additional family members traveling with the patient.

  • Ground ambulances

  • Monitoring of the transfer from start to finish and keeping all parties informed and updated of the transfer progression

  • Transfer of medical records to the receiving facility


Airline Escort Service

Not all patients require a private air ambulance service. Some patients may be able to fly commercially with a medical escort. This service is for patients who are medically stable but may require basic monitoring, oxygen, assistance with medication and boarding and debarking the aircraft.

Services include:

  • Obtain required medical clearance

  • Aero-medically trained personnel

  • Medical equipment

  • Reservations and ticketing for patient and family members traveling with the patient

  • Priority boarding and seating

  • All ground transportation

  • Monitoring of the transfer from start to finish and keeping all parties informed and updated of the transfer progression

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